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All of this quartz was found yesterday on my neighbors land, right in his backyard! My lover, our friend, and I were grateful enough to be welcomed into his beautiful home with a quartz mine on his 3 acres of land. We took a shovel and started digging where he told us the Quartz was depositing and this is what we found on the surface layer!!!! A couple PERFECT, in tact points and other incredibly clear quartz that I’m so surprised we found. These precious stones have only been touched by our hands and the earth and they feel so cleansing!!!! What an amazing gift from Gaia, blissed and so blessed!
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It’s been so pretty all the nasty Florida humidity has been replaced with a beautiful breeze and we found this huge nature preserve I’m a happy bunny
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Glow In the dark spider choker available at my shop!
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Had a beautiful day
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Sleepy kitty and some other homies hit the shop tomorrow! Follow @cyberworldshop on Instagram for updates ✨
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New blue bow tattoo chokers! Made the charms myself 💗
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Agnes Denes —  Tree Mountain (Ylöjärvi, Finland), 1982/2001
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some people look at my drawings whilst the screws in their head turn to decode the possible meaning…instead of realizing that they’re just sketches of nudes I’ve taken for myself when I’m bored. I will stand in front of a mirror and do the whackiest poses until I find an inspiring pose which then makes the screws of MY head turn. Clothing gets in the way of the beauty of body movement. The bends the cracks, all vulnerable and visible.
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